It started at the nudist beach

Certainly she had given no indication that she wasn't amenable to the idea.

"She's never done it before ..... we've only been married a few weeks," Rob now said with a smile, and by his words indicated that he would be willing if his wife was.
"A few weeks?" both guys exclaimed together. That news really excited them, and one said, "that makes it all the more exciting that we'd be fucking your new bride."

So now there could be no misinterpretation by either Rob or Yvonne - it would be a gang bang with all three of them fucking her.

"All right. I think she needs a good three way fucking," Rob said lustfully.
He had been watching his wife intently and a little nervously as he said this. He saw her swallow and noticed that her lips parted a little, but other than that she gave no indication, although Rob was sure that that pleased smile still played about her mouth.

They all left the beach, and Rob said that they'd follow the guy's car.

About to get into their own car, Yvonne and Rob embraced and kissed passionately.
"You were magnificent," Rob lovingly told Yvonne.
"I can hardly believe what we did," Yvonne replied, smiling up at Rob.
".... or what we're about to do," her husband added excitedly.
They got in the car and moments later drove slowly off behind the men in the car in front.

The apartment was indeed just up the road as the guy had said.

They parked the car, and Rob turned to Yvonne, "are you ready?' he asked excitedly.
"Yes," Yvonne answered unhesitatingly.
"Ready to be fucked by these two guys whose names we don't even know?" Rob ecstatically continued.
"Yes, yes," Yvonne answered, feeling herself becoming even more lustful at Rob's specific questions which she knew were exciting him also.
"You really are a dirty, fucking slut," Rob told his wife lovingly, almost panting with animal carnality.
"Oh, yes, yes, yes," Yvonne moaned with licentious desire.

Yvonne and Rob, lovingly hand in hand, followed the two men up the path, up a flight of stairs, and were then waiting, hearts beating fast, as the guy opened the door to the unit.
They were led in and straight through to a bedroom where there was a large king sized bed.

Rob's heart was racing and his mouth was dry. This is it, he thought to himself, Yvonne is going to be fucked and used by these two guys.
There were no formalities, no preliminaries, no foreplay as it were. On entering the bedroom, both guys turned to Yvonne and began rapidly undressing her, not that she had much on, just her little top, her shorts, and a pair of panties.
It took maybe thirty seconds and she was naked.
The guys had their clothes off even faster, and their big, hard cocks swayed out in front of them.

"Up on the bed," one guy told Yvonne as he climbed onto the mattress and pulled her up after him.
He lay her down and then straddled her head, directing his big, hard, cum dribbling cock towards her mouth.
Yvonne held the cock at its base and slid her lips over the big, round head of it, working her tongue around and around before taking the cock right into her mouth and right back to the entrance to her throat.

The other guy was now between Yvonne's parted legs and his cock entered her warm, wet, slippery cunt, sliding right up deep within her.
"Ah .... the fucking slut was certainly ready for this," the guy fucking her groaned lustfully as Yvonne moved her hips in unison to his fucking, and while she sucked lovingly on the other guy's cock.
"Yes," Rob, who had also stripped and had begun stroking his raging cock, agreed. "The dirty fucking bitch needs to be fucked stupid."

Yvonne only sucked on the guy's cock for a minute before he pulled away with a groan of sheer lust. "Oo, you fucking little whore, you'd have me cum down your throat in no time if you kept on like that."

Both guys climbed off the bed. "Now then you dirty little tramp," the guy who owned the unit told Yvonne with a leer, "I'm going to try out all of my sex toys on you before you get our cum."
Yvonne smiled serenely.

"First we'll shackle you up so that you're completely helpless," the guy told Yvonne as he sorted out some restraints.
"Now then, give us your arms," she was told as the two men stood either side of her. She smilingly held out her arms to be fastened into the restraints, and she watched as the leather straps were buckled firmly around her wrists.

Her arms were then stretched back over her shoulders and affixed to the bed head.
"How's that feel?, she was laughingly asked as the men next pushed a number of pillows under her ass and hips.
Yvonne just smiled up at the men without responding in words.

Her ankles were encircled in leather straps and she was told to lift her legs up high.She swung her legs upwards and the guys took one each and fastened the ankle straps onto chains that dangled from an iron loop fixed into the ceiling.
"How's that feel?" she was again asked, and this time she answered with a single word, "helpless."
The men chuckled wickedly. "Helpless is just how we want you," they almost sneered. "Helpless to resist no matter what we do to you," they laughed. "Helpless to stop us from using any sort of sex device on you, or doing anything we like with you."

Rob had noticed two video cameras mounted in the corners of the room; these were set in action, and a hand held camera was given to Rob to use as he saw fit. He stroked his hard, lusting cock and thought to himself that the men could indeed do anything they wanted with his wife, and he would not stop them.

Yvonne's cunt, which was nicely raised up on the pile of pillows, was lubed up and a large, vibrating dildo was eased right up into it. The dildo was shaped with a special vibrating pad that pushed nicely against the recipient's clitoris, and as soon as it was switched on, Yvonne gave a little moan of pleasure as she felt it working on her most sensitive parts.

The men amused themselves playing with the controls, winding the level up and down, and laughing at every little cry of delight, and every sensuous stretching and movement of Yvonne's body as the stimulating vibrations did their teasing work.

After a time, the owner of the apartment left the other guy to continue playing with Yvonne in that way, while he set up a suction pump ready to work on Yvonne's small, firm breasts. As soon as it was ready and the pump was started, the transparent glass cups were placed over Yvonne's nipples.
It took a bit of fiddling about to get the cups to seal properly, but once they did, Yvonne's nipples began to bulge out nicely inside the cups, thus sealing firmly and allowing the vacuum pump to really start working and distend her nipples up inside the narrow tubes of each cup.

"There you are young lady," the guy laughed, now you're no more than a fucking cow in a milking shed.

Having organised the nipple pump to do its work, the guy asked Rob if he ass fucked his wife. On receiving an answer in the negative, he laughingly said that they'd soon change that virginal state of Yvonne's ass-hole.
An amount of lubricant was injected up Yvonne's ass, and an amount more smeared all around her hole. The guy then took a long, pink, flexible, cock shaped dildo, perhaps an inch in diameter, and slowly worked the end of it up into the slut's hole, much to the wriggling of Yvonne as she hung there stretched out in her restraints.
Yvonne's ass-hole, like her cunt, was nicely presented up in the air, thanks to the restraints holding her legs up and apart, and the pile of cushions lifting her hips nicely.

Rob, watching all of this, thrilled at the obscene sight of the large dildo up his wife's cunt, the smaller, more flexible one being worked up her ass, and the vacuum cups on her nipples which were now beginning to distend nicely. He zoomed the video camera in to capture each wonderful operation on film.

Slowly, slowly the guy worked with the dildo on Yvonne's ass, and as her hole loosened slightly he was able to slide more and more of the dildo up into her intestines.

The sensations that Yvonne was feeling were wonderful. Firstly, she felt so sexy just being stretched out and quite helpless in her restraining straps, secondly the vibrating dildo up her pussy, continued to send incredible feelings of delight through her body. The vacuum sucking relentlessly on her nipples gave a lovely feeling hard to describe, and the flexible dildo, being worked ever so slowly up into her innards, made her feel, on top of all of the other combined sensations, just wonderful.
Her nipples were now bulging to the diameter of the tubes into which they were slowly being pumped, and, as she lifted her head to look down at them, she saw that her nipples were now incredibly, some two inches long.

"How are you feeling slut?" one of the guys asked Yvonne, sticking his face right close to hers. She smiled up at him, "like a slut," she replied softly.
"How's her ass going?" the guy then asked his pal.
"She's probably ready to take a bigger one now," the other replied with some glee.
"Ha, ha," the apartment owner chuckled, "I've something really special for the little whore," and he produced an expandable dildo from a nearby drawer.

They eased the flexible rubber dildo out of Yvonne's ass, and found that it had been worked almost ten inches up inside her tunnel.
Taking the bright purple expandable dildo, the flat base of which had a rubber tube connecting to a small, squeeze ball pump, they easily worked the relatively thin, four inches up into Yvonne's ass-hole.
Once in place up her anus, the guy gave a couple of pumps of the squeeze ball, and immediately Yvonne gave a little gasp.
"What is that you've put up me?" she asked in a surprised tone.
"An inflatable dildo," the guy laughed. "How's it feel?"
Before she could answer, the guy gave another pump and Yvonne gave another gasp. "Now it feels like I need to go to the toilet," Yvonne answered with a laugh.
"See if you can shit it out," she was told.
Yvonne worked her muscles and slowly, but feeling her hole stretching incredibly, she managed to "shit" out the dildo.
"Fuck, look at that," the guys exclaimed gleefully as the heavy duty balloon like bladder of the inflated dildo opened Yvonne's anus fabulously. They then held it up so that she could see it, and she too marvelled at the size that she'd managed to pass. It was some two and a half inches around, although she knew that her hole would have squeezed the inflated bladder into a small "neck" as it came through.

The dildo was deflated, reinserted into her anus, blown up again, and Yvonne again "shit" it out.
"How's it feel as it's coming out?" the guys asked as they deflated the dildo and reinserted it up Yvonne's ass.
"My God," Yvonne laughed, "it feels like it's stretching me to the limit."
"It is," they told her, "your hole is like stretched rubber as it opens out.

Again and again they had Yvonne pass the fat, inflated dildo, and soon, after some twenty tries, she found that she could push it out more easily.

By now, the guys considered that Yvonne's nipples had probably swollen to as large as they would. The were indeed quite obscene - some three quarters of an inch in diameter, and just over two and a half inches long.
The vacuum system was now modified to pump up the breasts as well, and larger cups were slid down over the nipple tubes, special seals were fitted where the two joined, and now the pump was restarted.
Her nipples had already begun to lose the maximum size that they'd attained, but once the pump was restarted they quickly pumped up again, and now her breasts were beginning to fill the larger cups too.

Having arranged the nipple and breast pumping, the guys returned to Yvonne's ass stretching, beginning to pump the purple bladder larger than before.
Now, each time it was pumped up, Yvonne gasped and exclaimed, "Oh my God," or various expletives as her intestines were stretched.There was no need to consciously force it out now. Her muscles instinctively worked to expel the huge "shit" that it felt was inside her, and her anus stretched and gaped to huge proportions as the three inch bladder forced its way out each time that it was pumped up inside her.

They had done this a half dozen times when the guy controlling the vibrating dildo that was working on Yvonne's cunt, handed the controller to Rob. "Here, you do this," he said, I want to fuck the bitch-whore's throat."

Rob eagerly took over the controller, and immediately wound it right up to the maximum setting.
"Oo, oh, oh, arrr," Yvonne started moaning as the vibrations emanating through her cunt made her feel so fabulous.
In the meantime, the guy who had previously worked the vibrator, shoved a thick cushion behind Yvonne's shoulders so that her head now tipped right back to be almost upside-down. The guy positioned himself so that he could hold her head and fuck her mouth with her head now on the right angle so as to take his long, thick cock through her mouth and right on into and down her throat.

Soon Yvonne was alternately moaning and groaning with the lustful delight of the vibrator working almost continually at the maximum setting on her cunt, then gasping and moaning as the huge inflated bladder of the expandable dildo stretched her ass to incredible proportions. These two stimuli of her lustful moaning, were intermittently overcome by the violent gagging and choking as the guy forced his cock right down into her throat, and then her choking was invariably followed by uncontrollable fits of coughing after he withdrew his cock from her gullet.
On top of these conflicting sensations that totally filled her being, the vacuum pump continued to do its work, and had, by now, swollen Yvonne's breasts to completely fill the quite large cups of the pumping device and fill her with such lovely sexual sensations.

Rob got some fantastic footage on the video camera, of his wife's throat being absolutely gorged full of the guy's huge cock. Footage that showed her being absolutely throttled and suffocated as the thick shaft of the cock slowly disappeared between her lips and showed up as a very definite bulge in her lovely neck. Her eyes watered and opened wide as she found herself unable to breathe, and her head shook and trembled on the cock as she had violent spasms of dry reaching as her body tried unsuccessfully to dislodge the massive cock that was choking her.

The guy didn't persist with this throat fucking for long; he pulled out groaning with lust and saying that he would "drown the dirty, fucking whore with his cum, if he kept going."

Once Yvonne had stopped her choking coughing and had regained her breath, the vibrating dildo up her cunt, which her husband had left wound up to maximum while he was busy videoing, began to drive her nearly wild with the fabulous, fantastic sensations that centred on her cunt. She groaned and moaned lustfully, twisting and flexing her body to what small amount her restraints would allow.
"Oh God, it's beautiful," she moaned as her hips pumped against the sensational vibrations of the dildo up her cunt.
She rapidly began to lose control, gasping and panting, moaning continuously until orgasmic sensations began to surge through her body.
"Ohhhhh, arrrrrrrrrr," she gasped, her body swinging about on the leather straps that held her legs high in the air.
Her orgasm fully consumed her. She howled in a lustful delirium of delight. But then the fabulous sensations became so intense that she could take no more.
"Oh God, stop, stop, wait a moment, ohhhhh it's too much to take," she wailed in an absolute paroxysm of excruciatingly lustful rapture.
But of course the three men didn't let up in stimulating Yvonne as much as they possibly could, and they watched enthralled at the wild ravings and writhing of this slut so fantastically experiencing the absolute pinnacle of physical, sexual delight.

Yvonne's cunt was continually dribbling her juices out, down over her thighs and soaking the sheets of the bed. Eventually though, after some minutes of being in that fantastic state of extreme rapture, she seemed to come through it, and, although her body was still wonderfully full of fantastic sexual feelings, her orgasm lessened and she seemed to regain a degree of normal mental sensability once more.

One of the guys now leered into her face which was covered with a dampness of tiny beads of sweat, such had been the violence of the fantastic orgasm which had wracked her body for so long.
"Do you know what real sluts do, you stupid fucking bitch?" he asked.
Yvonne, still panting lustfully and her eyes still dazed, not knowing what the guy was meaning, shook her head in the negative.
The guy grinned an evil grin. "Real sluts get fucked up their ass," he told Yvonne, then he positioned himself and, as the inflated bladder of the expandable dildo forced its way out of Yvonne's body, he located his cock in her now stretched and gaping ass-hole, and slowly slid the whole nine inches of his thick, heavy cock right up into her anal duct.

The other guy, not needed to continue his work in fucking the slut with the blow up dildo, took up a position over Yvonne's head and began fucking her mouth and forcing his thick, long cock down her gullet.

Rob, absolutely thrilled at the sight of his young wife being double fucked in that way, began to work his hand in Yvonne's sloppy cunt, easily sliding four fingers up her, and working and working until the main knuckles of his hand entered right into his wife's cunt. Lots of twisting, turning and pressing irresistably forward, soon had a thumb in as well, and then, with Yvonne's cunt stretched wide open, his entire fist slipped up inside her cunt.

Under the combined sensations of having her ass-hole deeply fucked, her cunt with Rob's clenched fist continually pulling out, and then pushing back inside her body, and with her mouth and throat being slowly fucked, Yvonne's body, which had never left the stage of just verging on another wracking orgasm, entered that fantastic state once more and was totally consumed by fabulous, and so sensationally delicious as to be unbearable, orgasmic sensations that reduced her to a raving half-wit as her mind was totally overcome by her physical rapture.

The three men managed to keep Yvonne in that wild, heavenly state for five or six minutes after which time her mind and body were so spent as to leave her a writhing, panting, gasping, moaning wreck.
Under such fabulous circumstances, the two men fucking ass and mouth, let their passions run wild until each of them climaxing and pouring huge amounts of cum into Yvonne's body, leaving her ass-hole a sloppy cum-filled cavity, and her mouth full of cum which she gulped down greedily.
Rob, seeing what was happening, could no longer contain himself, and, pulling his clenched fist slurping and squelching from his wife's cunt, masturbated over her face until his cum gushed forth and covered her face with the gooey mess of his sperm.

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My Story - It started at the nudist beach